As New Hampshire moves into competency based education (CBE) I feel it’s important for schools to focus on high academic standards.  Individualized learning helps students discover their personal learning style, which is the key to life long learning.

  • I see tremendous value in our public schools and I want them to be the best they can be. However, I also support parents freedom to choose the best public, private, charter or home school program for their children.
  • I support the idea of education savings accounts (ESA’s) however many financial details have yet to be worked out on this program.
  • I believe parental rights in education.
  • I believe we need to trust that teachers and administrators, working with parents, can offer some of the best ideas on how to improve public education.
  • I believe in New Hampshire’s Careers and Technical Education.  New Hampshire’s 2.6 unemployment rate reflects the need for workers of all kinds, but especially skilled workers. Vocational schools and Career and Technical Education is critical.

Do you have input about education that I should know about? Please contact me via phone or email.


My family and I are especially appreciative of the service and sacrifice of our veterans.

I feel strongly:

  • That no one who has served in our military should have to wait a long time for doctors appointments or health care.
  • Every effort should be made to respect an honor veterans without heavy financial burdens.

Do you have other issues related to Veteran care that I should know about? I will vote for options that offer choices to help you get the care and services you need.


These are the issues that I see facing our seniors today:

  • Rising prescription drug costs
  • Rising living costs on a fixed income
  • Elder care and senior living accommodations
  • Services for elders

Do you have other issues that you’d like me to know about? I will vote for options that offer choices to get the care and services you need.


New Hampshire is a beautiful place to live. Valuable natural resources amaze tourists and residents alike in each season. Whether you surf, ski, swim, boat, hike or bike, a healthy life style is easily attainable in New Hampshire. This is the reason that it is important to me that our waterways remain clean and our forests and land remain nurtured.

Do you know of specific legislation that I should research or problems that affect our area? How can I help?